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Distilled from the heirloom fruit of Orcas Island's historic orchards and locally grown organic grains.

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Launched in 2014, Orcas Island Distillery is intimately connected to the agricultural history of our region. Our Pear and Apple Brandies are made from fruit hand-picked from the island's historic orchards and offer flavor profiles unavailable in modern commercial orchards.

Until the coming of the modern highway system and irrigation east of the mountains commerce was waterborne and these islands were the fruit growing region of Washington State. But times have changed and the heirloom varietals of the few ancient trees here cannot be marketed profitably. For Orcas Island Distillery the hundred-year-old trees that remain offer a unique opportunity to create delicious fruit brandies with a subtlety of flavor that cannot be duplicated.

Our Genever-style Gin is made from locally sourced, organic grain. The barley is converted on our distillery floor before being distilled in small batches in our potstills.